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Nov 29, 2019

On today’s mini podcast I went on Now What?! With Jessica Graf.  On her podcast we discuss what type of Big Brother contestants we enjoy watching and how the game has changed since I last played. We also talk about Temptation Island, and she gives us a sneak peak behind the curtain on winning The Amazing Race.


Nov 27, 2019

On today’s mini episode of the podcast Northerlion and myself pick between being an EMT, a cop, or a firefighter and NL tells us about something from the past that he deeply regrets.

Nov 25, 2019

On today’s episode of the podcast we interview ForceGaming! Force talks to us about the last decade of his online gaming and video making career, from how he took the first step to releasing a video to what he’s doing now. He tells us about when he took an exclusive deal to stream on Facebook, before returning...

Nov 22, 2019

On today’s mini episode of the podcast I talk with DeadlySlob about his mindset going into and out of wipes in Tarkov. Deadly also tells us about getting sick for five months  off of homemade kombucha and about his recent wedding.

Nov 20, 2019

On today’s mini episode of the podcast Jules talks about how he went from asking for a copy of the music from Crypt of the Necrodancer prior to it’s released to being featured in the game. Thank you for dialing in I hope you enjoy!